custom embroidery and handmade accessories

hooded towel designs
bulldog (washcloth ears) bumble bee (washcloth wings) butterfly (washcloth wings)
cow (washcloth ears) crab (washcloth hands) dinosaur
duck (washcloth beak) Elephant (washcloth ears) pirate hat
firefighter hat fish (washcloth fins) flamingo (washcloth wings)
frog (washcloth ears) hippo (washcloth ears) butterfly (washcloth wings)
Mermaid (washcloth pigtails) monkey (washcloth ears) monster 1 (washcloth ears)
monster 2 (washcloth ears) panda (washcloth ears) pig (washcloth ears)
boy pirate hair girl pirate hair princess crown
sea horse (washcloth fins) shark turtle (washcloth feet)
penguin (washcloth beak)    


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